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Anyone can use the Fab Lab facilities to design and make pretty much anything from jewellery and t-shirts to furniture, farming technology, circuit boards, gadgets, toys, renewable energy technology, solar powered houses and even baking products! The facilities can help inspire creative and innovative thinking, providing anyone with the opportunity to have a go at making things they might never have thought possible! Children and adults can also share development projects with people working on similar ideas anywhere else in the world through the global digital Fab Lab network.

Fab Labs were born from an outreach project by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in inner-city Boston in 2005 (see Youtube Video). Since then, Fab Labs have quickly spread from the inner cities of the USA to India, Afghanistan, Europe, the villages of Africa and around the world.

The MaidSafe Foundation aims to open the doors of a Fab Lab in Troon on the west coast of Scotland towards the end of 2011 and is keen to help facilitate the development of more Fab Labs around the world.

innovative thinking: 8 year old valentina-kofi built her first circuit board at takoradi Fab Lab, Ghana

Local solutions for local problems

Here are a few things that have been made in Fab Labs across the world:

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